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OCICU - Gallaudet Degree Students

OCICU - ONLINE CONSORTIUM OF INDEPENDENT COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES - GU is a participating member of OCICU. Undergraduate/Graduate* online courses are offered by other accredited consortium member institutions. OCICU online courses are offered in an accelerated format, usually eight weeks long. Students register for OCICU courses, pay tuition, and receive grades through GU just as they would any other courses at GU.

OCICU courses are offered in an accelerated format, usually five or eight weeks long. Students register for OCICU courses, pay tuition, and receive grades through GU just as they would any other courses at GU.

*Limited graduate level courses are available to graduate career students.


  • Be a degree seeking student
  • Be in good academic, campus and financial standing at GU
  • Be able to have unlimited access to a computer with internet
  • Verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements established by the provider institution of OCICU so that you can fully access the online environment.
  • Have permission from your program advisor and the Director of Distance Education and in some circumstances the dean's permission (refer to process information below). Graduate level courses are available to graduate career students.

PROCESS: Complete student sections of the OCICU Authorization form and sign all OCIC student request and commitment areas. Have your academic advisor sign their permission and the commitment included. If you have requested more than one (1) OCICU course in a semester, your program dean must also grant permission. Exceeding the maximum credits for a semester will also require the dean's signature approval.

Questions - Contact Registrar's Consortium Coordinator

OCICU - for Gallaudet ODCP students

GALLAUDET ONLINE DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAM -- A degree completion program - using GU and OCICU online course for degree completion. This online degree completion service is for former undergraduate students who have accumulated 80 hours of college credits toward a bachelor's degree, either at Gallaudet or at other institutions, and who elect to transfer to Gallaudet to successfully finish that degree. Refer to information for OCICU program above and at Registrar's Office Consortium information link.

Questions - Contact/Email the ODCP Program.

SIENA School Study

Consortium Resident Credit

Siena School Study Within The Consortia Programs (Siena School - Italy) - Participant students establish Gallaudet resident credit for approved courses in a cross-registration process with the Siena School. This summer* program in Italy provides study abroad experiences with an emphasis in Italian deaf sign language, culture, history, and the fine arts. This program may also augment a degree program here at Gallaudet. Students planning to graduate at the end of the study period, should consider deferring graduation a semester. *Spring/Fall semesters not generally used in this program but are allowed if approval is received from the program and dean.

PROCEDURE: Students will need to apply as a participant student with Siena School and complete program registration and cross-registration forms as well as other procedures required at both institutions. All Gallaudet procedures and policies apply for course registration for resident credit, scheduling changes, course withdrawals and grades. Siena School will require students to apply to their program, review course options, while working through the Consortium requirements at Gallaudet. Both institutions work with their Consortium counterparts to ensure as smooth a process as possible. See Consortium Coordinator in the Registrar's Office for GU Siena School student authorization, cross-registration forms and guidance after spring mid-terms. Refer to the Registrar's Office web and catalog for further information.

GU Consortium Coordinator: Siena School Coordinator:

Non-Resident Credit Study at Siena School

Siena School Study - Non-Consortium Processing (Siena School, Italy). GU students may also apply directly to attend Siena School without using the cross registration program. ['Resident credit' benefits are applicable only via the Consortia Programs process.] When attending Siena School outside of the Consortia Programs, tuition, fees billing and payments are strictly between student and Siena School. [EXCEPTION: If a student decides to also take a GU summer online course while in Siena, Italy at Siena School - GU billing will apply for the summer online course(s).]

If you wish to attend Siena School Deaf Studies Program without earning 'resident credit' and have questions - Contact:

Siena School Transfer Credits: Students that apply and go to study in Italy at Siena School on their own (non-Consortium - not as GU resident credit) and without any other GU enrollments, may wish to transfer credits earned at Siena School. Students may complete a prior to transfer credit form for their summer studies in Italy before the end of the spring semester. All transfer credit policies and procedures apply. Courses that may apply for program requirements can be substituted or waived as appropriate or applicable according to their degree program and under review by the Registrar's Office - degree auditing process.

Transfer Credit Information Link:


BRAZIL - Resident Credit Consortium Program

Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC - This Consortium program allows for a Gallaudet University student to cross register to attend UFSC in Brazil. Students participate in a limited exchange program between institutions for resident credits at the home institution during an academic semester. A GU deaf or hearing student may wish to have a semester or summer program with the study abroad type of experience with emphasis in Portuguese deaf sign language, culture, history and other areas of study as permitted. This program may also augment their degree program(s) here at Gallaudet. THIS PROGRAM NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. Contact Registrar's Office Consortium Coordinator to see when active for an upcoming semester.

USFC Brazil English Link:

USFC Brazil Portuguese Link:

Contact the Consortium Coordinator in the Registrar's Office & ITP Department Chair