Graduate Catalog

Course Waivers

Students who have extensive academic content or professional experience that aligns with the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for a particular course may request a waiver for that course. Supporting documentation is required, such as a syllabus, evidence of previous experience, and the student's successful mastery of the skills and concepts covered in the course. Waivers will only be given at the department's discretion.

Faculty must complete the Course Waiver form (available electronically on the Registrar's website), including required supporting documentation and signatures, and it must be submitted to the registrar's office before the waiver will be added to the student's transcript. The student is responsible for providing the instructor with all the supporting documentation necessary to complete the Course Waiver form.

No more than 12 total credits of major coursework may be waived. Waivers do not reduce the number of credits a student must take for the major; the waived course can be replaced with an appropriate program-approved elective.