Graduate Catalog


Gallaudet University strives to make the registration experience as smooth as possible. The Registrar's Office serves as the first point of contact for students related to course enrollment, student record keeping, grading procedures, academic status, and graduation. The Registrar's Office also assists with transfer credits.

Graduate students are served by both the Registrar's Office and the Graduate Admissions.

Policies for undergraduate and graduate students at Gallaudet University are established by the Council on Undergraduate Education (CUE) and the Council on Graduate Education (CGE). CUE and CGE are faculty-led committees that set academic standards and policies. CUE and CGE review proposals submitted by departments and programs for changes in the curriculum, program requirements, and new or changed courses. CUE and CGE then recommend curriculum changes to the University Faculty Senate. Approved changes are posted in the catalog for the next academic year.

Key registration resources include this catalog and:

The registration process is managed by the Registrar's Office. Registration information includes: