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School of Language, Education, and Culture

The department is unique in that all students and faculty in the department share an abiding interest in the study of American Sign Language (ASL) and its use. The ongoing, innovative research carried out by the linguistics faculty is contributing substantially to what is known about the structure and use of sign languages. ASL and other sign languages are not only the subject of faculty and student research, but ASL is also the language of communication in the classroom.

500-Level Elective Courses

Except for LIN 521 and LIN 541, Linguistics graduate students (both M.A. and Ph.D.) may take 500-level linguistics courses as electives. These 500-level courses are also offered to students in the undergraduate Linguistics minor and graduate students in other programs.

Graduate Special Students

Non-degree graduate special students may take courses in the linguistics program provided that they meet the course pre-requisites, have the necessary sign language skill, and have the permission of the instructor. Completion of courses as a special student does not guarantee later admission to a degree program.

Graduate Programs offered: