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Department of World Languages and Cultures

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Department of World Languages and Cultures

Amanda Holzrichter, Chair

Hall Memorial Building, Room S236

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers exciting opportunities to learn a foreign language in a signing, visual learning environment and to work or study abroad through international internship and study abroad opportunities. The department offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in Spanish, beginning and intermediate courses in French, and opportunities to learn foreign sign languages abroad through contact with international Deaf communities.

The department offers a major and a minor degree in Spanish. Students can also satisfy elective credits by taking any foreign language courses offered by the department. Spanish transfer credits from another University may be counted towards the completion of a Spanish major or minor, upon the department's review.

The department also hosts the International Studies Program. Studying a foreign language is a requirement for International Studies majors. Students with previous knowledge of a foreign language should contact the department Chair about taking a placement/waiver test.

The flexibility of the International Studies curriculum makes it easier to combine a double major in International Studies and Spanish. A Spanish/International Studies major combination is an excellent option for those students who are interested in Latin America.

Career outcomes

Students who majored or minored in foreign languages at Gallaudet have gone on to enter graduate programs in fields such as Linguistics, International Development, Translation, and Education, for example. Some have found jobs in the school system as teachers, as bilingual advisors for Latino families, and as Deaf community activists.

No matter what major you decide to pursue, many employers today are seeking job applicants with a global perspective. Additionally, many graduate programs require reading knowledge of a foreign language. Knowing a foreign language will enhance your employment opportunities upon graduation and will make you more attractive to graduate programs.

Declaring a Major

Requirements for Admission to a Major in the Department of World Languages and Cultures requires only the signature of the department chair.

Undergraduate Majors and Minors offered: