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College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Dr. James Nickerson, Program Director

Hall Memorial Building, Room S340F

The Mathematical Sciences Program offers courses and majors in mathematics, statistics, and their applications.

One of the oldest academic subjects, mathematics plays an indispensable role in many fields, and new applications of mathematics are continuously being developed. A strong background in mathematics is a requirement for advancement in a large and increasing number of jobs and will give students more flexibility in choosing their careers. A major in mathematics may lead to opportunities in many diverse fields, such as the sciences, engineering, finance, insurance, and education. Opportunities for mathematics majors to obtain summer internships are widely available. The program recognizes that computers have become more and more pervasive in all aspects of human life and that knowledge of mathematics is desirable and necessary in many disciplines. For that reason a variety of service courses directed toward the needs of non-majors who will use computers, mathematics, or statistics as tools in their chosen career areas are offered.

Students may pursue either a bachelor of art or a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. Students who are thinking of a major in mathematics must begin their preparation as early as possible, preferably during their freshman year.

In addition, for students who are interested in studying computer technologies, the University offers a new program in Information Technology. The program maintains a computer laboratory with personal computers and several high-performance workstations.