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Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STM)

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School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STAMP)

Dr. Caroline Solomon, School Director

Hall Memorial Building, N318A

Global competition, scientific and technological discoveries, and the urgent need to solve or mitigate persistent, complex problems that challenge society have increased the demand for skilled workers in science, technology, and mathematics fields. The Gallaudet University Department of Science, Technology, & Mathematics prepares students to compete in the 21st century workforce in a variety of occupations.

The Science, Technology, & Mathematics Department offers both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in biology, chemistry, and mathematics, as well as minors. Degrees in information technology and in public health include the B.S. and a minor. The B.A. degree programs are designed for students who are seeking employment immediately after college, or as a second major for education majors who aim to become high school science and mathematics teachers. Our B.S. degree programs serve students who plan to continue on to further education, such as graduate, medical, dental or veterinary school. B.S. students are expected to take additional science and mathematics courses. The B.S. in public health prepares students for direct entry into the public health job market or for further graduate education. The degree requirements of the department reflect the interdisciplinary nature of modern science, technology, and mathematics.

Department faculty are active in research in chemistry, theoretical and applied mathematics, physics, public health, epidemiology, genetics, ecology, and science education. Students and faculty engage in collaborative research efforts on and off campus. The department also sponsors research internships for students during the regular academic year as well as during the summers. Combined with rigorous courses which emphasize the application of the scientific method to problem solving, and hands-on experimentation in laboratories of the natural, physical, and computer sciences, this approach prepares students for the challenges of an increasingly competitive workplace.

Our Mission

The mission of the department of Science, Technology, & Mathematics at Gallaudet University is to prepare students to be educators, researchers, professionals and role models who make significant contributions to STM knowledge and society. We aim to promote understanding and relationships across the STM disciplines in a bilingual, visual environment. Our mission will be achieved by innovative teaching, active mentoring, rigorous research and adherence to best practices in the classroom and the laboratory. Students will acquire comprehensive knowledge, gain practical experience and learn use of modern techniques and technologies in the programs of Biology, Chemistry/Physics, Information Technology, Mathematics, and Public Health.

Pre-Medical Program: Gallaudet University supports undergraduate students considering medical school through our Pre-Medical (Pre-Med) Program. This program consists of several elements:

  • Pre-med advising
  • Pre-med related courses
  • Availability of on and off-campus internships in biology, chemistry and other medical-related fields
  • Pre-med workshop (including Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparation)

Undergraduate students participating in this program, which supports preparation for medical school entry, must still select one of the traditional majors offered at Gallaudet; they may also apply for a self-directed major as explained under 'Self-Directed' in this catalog.