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Dr. Paul G. Dudis, Chair

Sorenson Language and Communication Center, Room 3209

The Department of Linguistics offers a minor in Linguistics as well as masters-level and doctoral programs.

The Department of Linguistics is unique in that all students and faculty in the department share an abiding interest in the study of American Sign Language (ASL). The ongoing, innovative research carried out by the linguistics faculty and graduate students is contributing substantially to what is known about the structure and use of sign languages. ASL is not only the subject of faculty and student research, but also the language of communication in the classroom.

Typical linguistics degree programs at other universities focus exclusively on spoken languages. In our program, students study both spoken and signed languages, with considerable emphasis on ASL. This provides students with a broad understanding of language with a specialist's understanding of ASL.

While the Linguistics Department does not have an undergraduate major, undergraduate students can design a self-directed major in a linguistics-related field. If interested, please make an appointment with Dr. Deanna Gagne, Undergraduate Linguistics Program Coordinator (deanna.gagne@gallaudet.edu).

Undergraduate Minors offered: