Undergraduate Catalog

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Genie Gertz, Dean

Hall Memorial Building, Room S400

Gallaudet's liberal arts curriculum embraces interdisciplinary learning, collaborative work in diverse groups, critical thinking about real-world problems, and learning about cultures and global issues.

With a broad-based, multidisciplinary, and well-rounded education, Gallaudet graduates enter an increasingly challenging job market prepared to succeed in many fields, including business, diplomacy, research, science, and teaching.

Gallaudet also values ethical decision-making and instilling respect for diverse cultures and prepares students to become productive and responsible citizens of their community, nation, and the world.

With an education from Gallaudet University, students build a solid foundation for lifelong personal and professional success. Here, high academic expectations are paired with comprehensive support services and direct communication access to faculty and staff, giving students an advantage designed to ensure they make the most of their liberal arts education as they prepare to enter the workforce or apply to graduate school.

Most of the university's undergraduate degree programs are in the College of Arts and Sciences. The departments of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Linguistics, and Psychology also offer graduate degree programs.

Departments within the College of Arts and Sciences:

Art, Communication, and Theatre

ASL & Deaf Studies


History, Philosophy, Religion, and Sociology



Science, Technology, and Mathematics

World Language and Cultures