Undergraduate Catalog

Interpreting Services (GIS)

Web: Gallaudet Interpreting Services

Email: gis@gallaudet.edu

The mission of GIS is to provide comprehensive information access through exemplary interpreting services. The highest commitment of GIS is to meet the interpreting needs of the Gallaudet University community. Additionally, GIS is committed to being a model of interpreting excellence both locally and nationwide.

GIS interpreters work in a wide array of settings which include:

  • Classrooms
  • Conferences
  • Legal appointments
  • Business meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Workshops
  • Internships

GIS also provides:

  • Consultation and presentations regarding best practices in communication access, such as "How to Work with Interpreters"
  • Advisement on the most efficient and effective format for communication access for an event.
  • Interpreter coordination services for large events.
  • Liaison services for key departments that are regular requesters of GIS services.

GIS values the professional development of interpreters, providing workshops, mentoring, mentor training and diagnostic assessment to professional working interpreters and an array of supports for interpreting students in collaboration with the Department of Interpretation and Translation (DOIT).

GIS works closely with Academic Advising, the Office of the Registrar, and the Office for Students with Disabilities to coordinate the provision of interpreting and/or captioning services for students and faculty in the classroom. GIS provides a structured interpreting service titration to support Deaf/hard of hearing students who have goals to develop ASL fluency.

GIS provides professional interpreting services to students, faculty, staff and teachers for Gallaudet-sponsored events as requested. Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Services provided by GIS include:

  • Close-vision and low vision interpreting
  • Pro-tactile and tactile interpreting
  • American Sign Language interpreting
  • Spoken English interpreting


If you want to request an interpreter through GIS, please check with the relevant campus department to make this request. GIS welcomes your direct feedback and preferences regarding your interpreting services on campus. Contact us for more information or to provide feedback on our services at gis@gallaudet.edu or (202) 651-5199 (VP/V). The GIS offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We look forward to working with you!