Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Academic Integrity Student Standards

Standards of the University Related to Undergraduate Students' Academic Integrity

Undergraduate students must demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the standards of the University as published in the Gallaudet Undergraduate Catalog, the Student Handbook, and the academic departments and academic support units. These behaviors include, but are not limited to, tact, civility, sensitivity to the needs and interests of others, sound judgment, respect for others, and timely attention to academic responsibilities. Failure to meet these standards reflects adversely upon the undergraduate student's suitability for academic study and may be grounds for dismissal from the University. The University can function properly only if its members adhere to clearly established and articulated values related to academic integrity.

Undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses are subject to the Graduate School Academic Integrity Policy. Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate courses are also subject to the Graduate School Academic Integrity Policy. Faculty, students, staff, and administrators share equally in the responsibility for maintaining standards related to academic integrity.