Undergraduate Catalog

SWK 337 Social Work Practice II: Case Management

Case Management is a required course in the practice sequence. It introduces students to case management and the various methods of intervention used with the process. Among the case management processes discussed are assessment, intake interviews, and documentation. Specialized practice skills used by case managers are also discussed. Students are taught methods for determining benefit eligibility, learn the rules and principles for referral making, and acquire knowledge related to the major income and maintenance and support programs. Ethical and legal issues surrounding case management in the context of client autonomy, informed consent, and confidentiality are discussed and applied to case material. The course includes a pre-field experience that requires weekly visits to a human services organization for the purpose of observing the case management process. The course is open to social work majors only.




Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in SWK 335, Social Work majors only or with permission. Co-requisite: SWK 308


Bachelors, Undergraduate