Undergraduate Catalog

CHE 201 Internship in Chemistry I

This course is a work experience to gain necessary applied skills for a successful transition to employment, professional school or graduate research. The work performed must be related to chemistry and physics. The internship experience must consist of a minimum of 120 hours. Interns work under a supervisor of the host organization and are required to follow the rules and task assignments at the organization. Completion of this course requires that students (1) fill out necessary internship forms, (2) successfully perform duties assigned by the host organization or program, (3) create a scientific slide presentation and scientific poster, approved by their internship instructor, about their research/work experience and (4) participate in poster sessions identified by their Gallaudet internship instructor. This internship may be undertaken during any term.




Prerequisites: Permission of the department chairperson, program director, or designated internship advisor


Bachelors, Undergraduate