Undergraduate Catalog

ACC 100 Accounting for Non-Majors

In the real world, accounting is the language of business. Whether students will keep the book for their own small business, Working with nonprofit organization or function within a corporation, developing an understanding of how accounting procedures are applied in a business setting is crucial to their success. In this course we will use a " Big Picture Approach" and provide a conceptual overview of topics in accounting, such as basic income accounting, payroll, recording sales, receipts, payment and purchase transaction, maintaining ledger accounts, inventory and preparation of financial report. The course will utilize real world examples and incorporate computer technology. This course is NOT restricted to current Gallaudet University undergraduate degree seeking students or to students majoring in accounting or other business fields. Students do NOT need to have experience in business or accounting in order to enroll in this course. For those students who may plan to take Principle of Accounting course in future, this may be a great starting point.