Undergraduate Catalog

Online Degree Completion Program

Gallaudet University's Online Degree Completion Program (ODCP) is for students who have work, community and family obligations. Applicants should have accumulated at least 80 hours of college credit toward a bachelor's degree, either at Gallaudet or at other institutions, and who wish to complete that degree at Gallaudet. Exceptions may be made based on the review of the ODCP Admissions Committee and representatives from designated major programs. Once admitted, students will be assigned a faculty advisor from their designated major programs. This advisor will work with students to develop comprehensive degree plans that outline the coursework and assessment path toward B.A. degree completion. A degree earned through the ODCP will be indicated as such on the student's transcript.

Applicants should follow the standard application procedures for undergraduate freshmen and transfer students, using the Online Degree Completion Program application. Applicants should also demonstrate satisfactory levels of English proficiency by passing the college English core courses with a C- or higher before enrollment into the ODCP.

Admitted students will be required to pay the $100 enrollment fee and the $100 Online Student Orientation fee.

Hearing applicants may apply.

There are no residency requirements for Online Degree Completion Program students. At least fifty percent of the major courses must be from Gallaudet's degree programs.