Undergraduate Catalog

Appeal Procedures

Gallaudet University evaluates the academic record of each applicant for admission carefully and objectively. Admission decisions are rarely reversed. Admission decisions are based on our verification that the applicant's self-reported academic information meets admission eligibility requirements. If after reviewing the information above you wish to appeal your admission status, follow these procedures. Please note that only one admission appeal can be made per academic term.

  1. Complete an admission appeal package. Incomplete appeals will not be considered.

    Your appeal package must include the following documents:

    1. Letter of appeal: Explain your reasons for the appeal clearly and provide supporting detail. Address any extenuating circumstances. Identify the semester to which you applied for admission.

      Your letter must also include your complete student contact information, including:

      - full name

      - student ID number

      - mailing address

      - preferred email address.

    2. Supporting documents: Copies of your unofficial transcripts, both graded and work-in-progress. Students are strongly advised to include documentation supporting the extenuating circumstance(s) outlined in their letter of appeal. Letters of Recommendation should come from English and Reading teachers.
  2. Submit your complete admission appeal package within 15 business days from the date you received notice that your request for admission was denied.
  3. Submit your complete appeal package by mail or in person.
  4. Your appeal will be reviewed within several business days or the next scheduled Admissions Review Committee meeting and the appeal decision will be emailed to you.