Undergraduate Catalog

Programs - Honors and ELI

Honors Program

The mission of the Gallaudet University Honors program involves creating a learning community of students, faculty and staff focused on fostering the success of the most academically capable and motivated students. In keeping with the national mission of honors programs and with trends in higher education, the Honors Program integrates in-depth, rigorous, and innovative curricular offerings with dynamic co-curricular offerings. The result is graduates the solid skills, knowledge, disposition, and values conducive to life long learning and advancement in their professional lives.

Admission to the Honors Program involves a holistic process involving a number of factors, including test scores, GPA, and a prospective student's admissions interview. Motivated students are best qualified to apply for Honors with 26 or higher on both the ACT English and Composite scores and a G.P.A. of 3.5 from their previous institution. However, students with ACT English and Composite scores of 24 or higher may apply.

During the interview we look for students to demonstrate intrinsic intellectual motivation, dedication and commitment to a program of study, and an ability to engage ideas and text beyond or in addition to the personal. Students will also be invited to ask questions about Honors or the University.

Note: Transfer students with a high number of approved transfer credits and current second or third year students may immediately begin taking upper-level Honors coursework in preparation for the Capstone.

For new students applying to Gallaudet and also interested in the Honors Program:

  • E-mail to honors@gallaudet.edu to express interest.
  • Schedule an admissions interview through Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger (this will be a text chat, not video).
  • If you are applying for a scholarship, too, please refer to your admissions letter and the merit-based scholarship website for information on deadlines, G.P.A. requirements, and minimum test scores.

Current Gallaudet students are also invited to join Honors! We welcome students who discovered a passion or a career and want to enhance their skills before graduation. These students benefit from the advanced professional and academic preparation afforded by the Honors Capstone. Current students should have an excellent transcript, a record of academic or professional accomplishment, and a desire to complete the Honors Capstone. Current students will be asked to compose an essay about their reasons for joining Honors, submit a writing sample, and interview with the program director. Current students admitted into Honors after the first semester are eligible for an annual $2,000 merit scholarship. Contact honors@gallaudet.edu to apply!

For more information about the program, see the Honors Program website.

English Language Institute

The mission of the English Language Institute is to provide an intensive English as a Second Language program for all deaf and hard of hearing students, whether international or U.S. citizens/permanent residents, who have need for such. Students learn English by direct instruction in American Sign Language. Students are given high quality instruction through research-based bilingual education practices in a multilingual, multicultural learning environment to help students succeed in their academic, professional, and personal goals.

The English Language Institute (ELI) is a sub-unit of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. ELI provides intensive instruction throughout the academic year and the summer to help students become proficient in English in order to qualify for admission to Gallaudet or another university in the United States. The location of Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. allows ELI students to learn English and ASL with the unique experience and opportunity only the capitol of the USA can offer.

For more information, please visit: English Language Institute

Students applying to the Undergraduate program from the English Language Institute program will undergo the same application procedures as general applicants applying from the Undergraduate program.