Undergraduate Catalog

Post-Acceptance Information

Applicants admitted to the University will need to submit the intent to enroll form and pay the $200 non-refundable enrollment fee prior to being officially enrolled into the University. Please note that your $200 deposit will be credited to your first semester student bill. The sections below provide a brief overview of what to expect.

Email Communications

Upon acceptance, you will be given a Gallaudet web-based email account ("@gallaudet.edu"). This is your official Gallaudet communications channel. Please check your Gallaudet email account frequently since it will be used to send you important orientation and registration information.

Final Official Transcript

Admitted students must send final and official high school and/or college transcript(s) which must include cumulative GPA, graduation date, type of diploma, school official signature, and/or official school seal. Transcript(s) must be originals, and they cannot be faxed to the Office of Admissions. Financial aid awards will be canceled if final and official transcripts are not on file in the Office of Admissions. Deadlines for submission of transcripts are August 30th for Fall Semester and January 13th for Spring Semester.

Course Registration

In order to get a course schedule for the semester before New Student Orientation (NSO), admitted students must first complete and send in the items below. Without receipt of these items, the Academic Advising Office cannot register courses.

  • Fees ($200 Enrollment fee) and forms
  • Health and immunization records
  • English, Math, and ASL Placement Test scores
  • Student Checklist on my.gallaudet.edu ("Academic Advising" portal)

Some state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies require a copy of an admitted student's course schedule before they will provide VR services. If the VR agency requires it, then the admitted student must complete placement tests as soon as possible.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is crucial to covering school costs. Applicants should file the FAFSA (free application for Federal student aid) as soon as possible. Accepted applicants should also fill out the Gallaudet's Institutional Financial Aid Application (IFAA) by June 1st for Fall enrollment. Students should confirm with the Financial Aid Office that their FAFSA and IFAA have been received. The Financial Aid Office will work to determine the amount and type of financial assistance students need and are eligible for. Admitted students can look into financial aid sources for more information at Financial Aid.

Medical Records/Health Insurance

All new full-time and part-time students are required to complete a health history form. Student Health Service (SHS) requires the original health history form to be mailed but will accept fax copies until the original arrives at SHS. Students will be unable to register for classes until proof of immunizations and/or health information are submitted to SHS. The District of Columbia law requires that all full-time and part-time students to have the required immunizations. Students under the age of 26 require different immunizations than if the student is older than 26 years of age.

Health insurance is required of all full-time students. If the student is covered by his/her own private insurance or depends on a parent's plan and the insurance is covered in the District of Columbia metropolitan area, then the student is waived from purchasing health insurance through Gallaudet University. Students must go to their Bison account and request that their health insurance be waived and fax or scan a copy of your health insurance coverage.

For more information on medical records and insurance, please visit: Student Health Service

Office of Students With Disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) provides individually tailored, comprehensive, support services and programs for students with disabilities. Students who wish to use disability accommodations must be registered with OSWD. To apply for disability support services, students should submit documentation of their disability and complete an intake form prior to arrival. The OSWD intake form can be downloaded by clicking on this pdf link: OSWD Intake Form. Contact OSWD via email at oswd@gallaudet.edu to request further intake information.

Eligibility for disability support must be established before services can be provided. When the intake form and documentation has been received, OSWD will contact the student with an update designating your file's status as approved or incomplete. Once the file is approved, the applicant will need to schedule an intake appointment. Students should contact OSWD at oswd@gallaudet.edu.

Orientation Programs

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a required program for all students enrolling the first time. This includes freshmen, transfer, international, and honors students. During NSO, students will participate in welcome week activities; meet academic advisors, faculty, and administrators; and become familiar with campus culture and services. All freshmen, transfer, and international students must take placement tests in English and mathematics during NSO if this has not been done prior to arrival. The test scores help inform academic advisors on what courses are recommended for an admitted student to take for the first semester.

Placement Testing

Placement testing is required of all new, transfer, and special students who have been accepted to Gallaudet University. All new, transfer, and special students are required to complete an American Sign Language (ASL) Placement Test. The English and Math Placement Tests may be exempted for some students depending on their ACT or SAT scores and their transfer credits. Scores from Placement Test(s) determine the most appropriate English, math, and ASL courses for the incoming student.

For more information, please contact placement.testing@gallaudet.edu.


The JumpStart program is a five-week summer program for freshmen and transfer students to help them get off to a good foundational start before the fall semester begins. The program offers two tracks, one for ASL and the other for those needing further academic instruction for scholastic success. Please see JumpStart for more information.

Student Success

The Student Success program promotes every student's success and retention. Upon completion of JumpStart, students will continue receiving additional academic support through the Student Success program and be assigned a peer mentor. First-year students are identified through the admissions process and/or placement testing to participate in the program. Therefore, the program is not limited to students in JumpStart. Students will have the opportunity to participate in one of our popular initiatives, the Peer Mentoring Program. The program will continue to support participating students towards their second year and further if necessary.