Undergraduate Catalog

International Special Scholar Program/International Special Student

The International Special Student Program (ISSP) is a tremendous learning experience designed for non-U.S. students who are not pursuing an academic degree at Gallaudet University. Many students from around the world with a professional interest in the education of deaf and hard of hearing people, their language, and their history and culture find the ISSP ideal for their learning needs.

This one- or two-semester program is customized to meet the needs of all scholars, allowing them to gain practical knowledge for personal enrichment and to share when they return home. While at Gallaudet they can audit courses or take them for college credit, be exposed to the University's unique and vibrant campus, and further enhance their learning experience by visiting schools, organizations, and agencies in the Washington, D.C. area. There are also great opportunities at Gallaudet to do intensive data collection to acquire information and skills relating to deafness.

Each ISSP student is assigned a mentor who is an expert in the particular area the student wishes to learn about.

For more information, please visit: Research Support and International Affairs