Undergraduate Catalog

Applicants Seeking a 2nd Degree

Applicants who have received a Degree from outside of Gallaudet and are seeking a Second Degree at Gallaudet

Applicants in this category have B.A., B.S., or higher degrees from colleges or universities other than Gallaudet, and have never attended Gallaudet but want to get second degree at Gallaudet.

Applicants seeking a second degree must meet all of the requirements for undergraduate admissions, include their official college transcripts with their application, and meet the department's admissions requirements. A letter of acceptance from the department's chairperson should be included in the application. Test scores and high school transcripts do not need to be submitted. Applicants are also waived from English and math placement testing.

Students who have previously earned B.A., B.S. or higher degrees from colleges/universities other than Gallaudet must satisfy only the second B.A. or B.S. degree's major prerequisites and requirements.

Students must also earn 30 credits or more in order to graduate with a second degree. Grade points earned in the previous degree(s) will not apply in determining scholastic eligibility while a student is enrolled for a second degree. Students who have previously taken courses at another college or university may request from the appropriate department chairperson that these courses be transferred.

Applicants who graduated from Gallaudet and are seeking a Second Degree at Gallaudet

Students who received their first degree at Gallaudet, or have attended Gallaudet but never received their undergraduate degree at Gallaudet and are seeking a second degree, must apply through the Registrar's Office. Applicants should contact the Registrar's Office at registrar.office@gallaudet.edu for more information.

Students pursuing their second degree at Gallaudet are not eligible for Merit scholarships.