Graduate Catalog

Refunds After Withdrawal from the University

For the procedure for official withdrawal from the University, see the appropriate section under Registration and Policies on Withdrawal from the University for Undergraduate Students or Graduate Students. Refunds are based on the official date of the student's withdrawal, as accepted by the Registrar's Office, and must be requested by writing to Student Financial Services in College Hall.

Refunds for Fall and Spring Semesters

Refunds for the unexpired portion of the semester will be made according to the time of withdrawal as follows:

Tuition and Room Charges

  • During the first week of class, 80% of the charge
  • During the second week of class, 60% of the charge
  • During the third week of class, 40% of the charge
  • During the fourth week of class, 20% of the charge
  • Thereafter, no refund

Board - Pro rata refund

Fees - No refund

Room and Board Cancellations

If a student moves out of University housing during the semester, refunds will be made using the same criteria as for withdrawals. If a student moves into University housing during the semester, charges will be made based on the number of weeks remaining in the semester.

Refunds for Summer Session

Refunds for summer session tuition and fees will be made as follows:

  • Tuition: 100% refund up to one week prior to the start of class. 50% refund if course is dropped one week preceding the start of class. No refund will be issued thereafter.

Room and Board: Pro rata refund based on full weeks only.

Fees: No refunds or cancellations.