Graduate Catalog

Debt Collection Policies

It is the policy of Gallaudet University that the administration must collect all amounts due under promissory notes. Failure to satisfy the financial obligations spelled out in the promissory note may result in the administration's turning the student account over to a collection agency. Furthermore, the administration will deny the student future registrations and withhold grades, transcripts, and degrees until full payment is received.

Student Financial Responsibility and Student Aid

The University recognizes its role in fostering personal initiative, planning, and responsibility in financial affairs as an integral part of the educational process. The administration believes each student has the primary responsibility for arranging financing and payment of his or her charges. Each student will, therefore, be held responsible for his or her bill. Gallaudet University maintains an Office of Financial Aid to make every effort possible to provide financial aid to any deserving student eligible to attend the Institution. This aid may be in the form of scholarships, grants-in-aid, loans, or part-time employment. Further, this office provides assistance to help the student as much as possible in his or her application for funds available from federal government programs, from state vocational rehabilitation offices, and from other agencies and organizations.

Financial Appeals

Students who believe that the inability to pay off their previous promissory notes is due to a rare, extraordinary circumstance (e.g., unexpected major medical emergency and expense) may appeal to the administration for additional time to pay off their balance for fall and spring semesters. Additional information concerning the appeal procedures is available from the Student Financial Services office. Students must understand that submitting an appeal form is no guarantee that it will be approved. Those whose appeals are turned down will be requested to leave the University until their debts are paid in full.