Graduate Catalog

Enrollment and Eligibility

Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students taking undergraduate coursework will be awarded financial aid based ONLY on the number of Graduate degree credits. To qualify for federal and institutional aid programs, graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours of Graduate coursework.

Summer Students

Some limited financial aid is available for summer school, which is considered to be the "last" semester of the award year for financial aid. Students who desire to apply for summer school aid must complete a Summer IFAA (in BISON). Summer school aid will be awarded only to students who have completed the FAFSA and Gallaudet Summer IFAA, and registered for classes.

Summer aid is awarded to eligible students for degree-credit coursework only. Non-degree credit Sign Language courses and credits offered through other University departments/colleges will not be supported by financial aid. Summer aid will not cover coursework which is repeated.

Summer financial aid is limited. Students taking summer courses should not depend on financial aid alone to cover summer charges.

Undergraduate Students Beginning Graduate Program in Summer

Undergraduate students who plan to begin a Graduate Program in Summer, and who have been enrolled as undergraduate students in fall and/or spring, must complete a FAFSA for the same award year as a graduate student. FAFSA results for undergraduate students are invalid for awarding graduate level financial aid. Adjusted FAFSAs must be filed by the beginning of May for the prior Academic Year. For example, a student who is an undergraduate in Fall 2019-Spring 2020 and who starts a graduate program in Summer of 2020 must correct their 2019-2020 FAFSA (before May if possible) to reflect graduate level status. It is essential that undergraduate students beginning a Graduate Program in Summer. See Financial Aid about requirements and applications even before acceptance into a graduate program.

Online Students

Students taking online courses may receive financial aid funding (if otherwise eligible); however the cost of education used to determine financial aid eligibility for on-line class funding will include tuition, fees, and books only. Transportation costs, personal expenses, room, and board are not included in determining the amount of financial aid funding, and are not considered to be relevant costs associated with on-line study. Students may choose to live in University housing while taking on-line study; however the expenses related to dorm residence will not be included in financial aid calculations or in the amount of aid granted.

In order to be considered for the full cost of education and applicable financial aid, students must be taking a minimum of six credits per semester (in their degree program) of resident (lecture) classes in combination with online classes.

International Students

International students must document sufficient support from personal or private resources in order to obtain valid immigration permits; therefore, no aid is awarded to first year international students. International students are expected to be responsible for meeting education expenses for the entire length of their programs. Very limited aid is available to international students. Assistance through the University is provided only with documentation of unexpected reductions or cancellations of previously planned support. Awards determined by the Gallaudet Financial Aid Office are made to eligible students who are full time and degree seeking only. These awards will depend on availability of funds and individual need. International students who are receiving ongoing family/private support or assistance through other University departments may not be eligible for financial aid.

Special/Visiting Students

Special students are not eligible for financial aid.

Students who are attending other institutions and who are enrolling at Gallaudet for one or two semesters are considered to be visiting or special students and are not eligible for financial aid. In some cases, students' home institutions will agree to transfer any aid for which they are eligible to Gallaudet via a Consortium Agreement; however, all visiting students must apply for aid at their home institutions, not at Gallaudet. Visiting students should discuss their plans with the Financial Aid Office at their home schools (degree granting institution) prior to attending Gallaudet.