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Dr. Caroline Pezzarossi, Chair

Hall Memorial Building, Room S410

Psychology is a scientific field concerned primarily with human behavior and related sensory, motor, cognitive, and physiological processes. The Department of Psychology at Gallaudet University has existed for more than 40 years, originally teaching aspects of this field to undergraduate students. In 1978, a graduate program in school psychology was established to train psychologists interested in working in educational settings with deaf and hard of hearing students (as well as with hearing students). In 1990, a doctoral program in clinical psychology began to train graduate students in clinical and research skills applicable to hearing and deaf populations, but with a focus on deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

The department offers graduate degrees in school psychology and clinical psychology. The clinical psychology program offers a doctoral degree (Ph.D.), which includes a master's degree (M.A.); the school psychology program offers a specialist degree (Psy.S.) in school psychology, which includes a master's degree (M.A.) in developmental psychology.

The department currently has 15 full-time faculty plus several adjunct and part-time faculty members. Faculty are active in graduate and undergraduate teaching, research, and various professional and service activities. Students and faculty often engage in collaborative research efforts with other academic departments and with the Gallaudet Research Institute.

Graduate Programs offered: