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Department of Government and Public Affairs

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School of Education, Business, and Human Services

Dr. David Penna, Chair

Hall Memorial Building, Room S235L

The mission of the Department of Public Affairs is to advance the study and practice of public administration, public policy, government, law, non-profit agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) with a special focus issues and circumstances affecting deaf and hard of hearing people as well as people with other disabilities throughout the United States and the world.

The faculty and staff of the Government major are committed to serving the diverse population of our university in ways appropriate to all members of the community. To do so we offer courses satisfying general studies requirements that include substantive knowledge of government and which encourage critical and ethical reasoning, writing and communication skills; elective courses which appeal to a wide variety of interests and help students gain liberal arts skills and knowledge; a major curriculum that covers the important topics of the fields of political science, law and international studies preparing students for graduate study or employment in government, business, non-profit organizations, law, politics, community and public service, public affairs, or education; and a graduate curriculum that prepares students to serve the broader community as professionals within the public and private spheres.

In addition, faculty of the major are committed to participation in activities which enrich students' understanding of current political topics and their ability to connect with the wider deaf and hearing world through sponsorship of programs and activities both on and off campus. The faculty is also committed to supporting research and education that reflect this mission.

The Master of Public Administration Program prepares deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing professionals working in public sector and non-profit organizations to lead with a sense of direction, to focus on results, to develop others' capability to perform, and to serve with integrity.

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