Graduate Catalog

Academic Probation

A department chair may request that the dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies place a student on academic probation. A student may be placed on academic probation for unsatisfactory performance in any area of required academic activity, such as coursework, comprehensive or qualifying examinations, field work, clinical, practicum, internship, or any applied area of professional study or failure to maintain minimum standards of scholarship.

A request for academic probation may only follow discussion of unsatisfactory performance with the student and must be accompanied a written letter to the student from the department, clearly specifying the conditions to be met and the time in which they are to be met.

A student is not officially on probation until the dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies approves the department's request.

When probationary requirements are met, the department chair should inform the dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Studies, who will inform the student. Not meeting the requirements for removal of academic probation within the specified time may be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Veteran Students

Any student placed on academic probation will receive a letter from the Dean of the Graduate School outlining the conditions that must be met in order to be removed from academic probation. For example, a student may need to repeat a course or an exam the next time it is offered in order to return to good academic standing within the degree or certificate program.

Veterans and other eligible persons under CFR §21.4253 must meet all specified conditions to be removed from academic probation within two consecutive semesters. Those who fail to remove themselves from academic probation by the end of the second continuous semester will no longer be eligible for certification by Gallaudet University for VA Education Benefits. The Veterans Administration will be notified of the students' continuing probationary status.