Graduate Catalog

Academic Appeals Procedures

Any student placed on academic probation or dismissed from a program will receive a letter via email from the Dean of the Graduate School. The letter will outline the department's recommendation, and provide the student with information on how to appeal the decision by following the procedure outlined below.

Due to academic probation, the student may experience a suspension in their funding or may be unable to register for future courses depending on department recommendations. Rights may be restored retroactively depending on the outcome of the appeal. A student who has been dismissed from a graduate program may apply for graduate special student status in order to continue to take courses at the graduate level.

To follow due process, stakeholders (i.e. students, instructors, program coordinators, department chairs) will be involved in the appeals process as appropriate.

Procedures for Academic Appeals Within the Department (Phase 1)

  1. Student. To initiate the appeals process, the student must complete an Initial Appeal Form and submit it electronically along with supporting documentation to the Program Coordinator/Director and Department Chair within 10 school days upon receipt of the letter. Supporting documentation may include copies of email correspondence, samples of student work and completed assignments, medical documents, or other records related to extenuating circumstances that impacted the student's performance.
  2. Program Coordinator/Director and Department Chair. Upon receipt of the student's written appeal, the Department has up to 5 school days to respond to the appeal by scheduling a meeting involving all relevant stakeholders (i.e. student, instructor, advisor, Program Coordinator, and Department Chair). A meeting agenda must be sent to the student at least 1 school day prior to the meeting. A Department Review Form must be completed, and all documentation must be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School electronically within 5 school days from the time of the meeting.

Procedures for Appeals to the Graduate School (Phase 2)

If the Department Chair denies the student's appeal and the graduate student feels that their treatment within the Department was arbitrary and capricious or that processes were not followed correctly within the Department, the student may pursue the appeal with the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School. The student initiates the appeal by submitting a Dean's Appeal Form with the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School including a statement of the desired outcome of the Phase 2 appeal. This form must be filed within 5 school days, after the appeals decision by the Department.

Upon receipt of the student's electronic appeal, the Dean's office has 10 school days to review the student's documentation and statement. In rare occasions, the Dean may appoint a committee of at least 2 graduate faculty and 1 graduate student in consultation with the Chair of CGE to review the appeal and offer guidance. The Dean will determine the final outcome of the appeal and inform the student of the decision with an official letter via email.