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Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies

Gallaudet is committed to providing a campus environment that is free from illegal or abusive use of alcohol and other drugs. Gallaudet affirms that illegal alcohol and drug use is unlawful and harmful. In doing so, Gallaudet will implement disciplinary procedures against those who violate University policy related to the illegal or abusive use of alcohol and other drugs and those who interfere with the rights of other students to live and learn in a drug-free environment. In compliance with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act, the online Student Handbook contains Gallaudet's policies on alcohol and other drugs, applicable laws as well as disciplinary sanctions/legal penalties related to the use, possession and distribution of alcohol and other drugs; information about the risks and effects of drug and alcohol use and dependence; and resources to assist students who may be having a problem with alcohol or other drugs. Please read the additional policy pages regarding alcohol and other drugs, which can be found online at the following links below.

Gallaudet's drug-free environment policy can be found at this link:

Gallaudet's policy regarding on-campus distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages can be found at this link:

Gallaudet's Alcohol and Other Drugs policies in the online Student Handbook can be found at this link:

Smoking Policy

Gallaudet University is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the campus by reducing health risks associated with tobacco smoke and minimizing discomfort and inconvenience to non-smokers. Smoking on campus will only be permitted in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted in any other campus locations including University and Clerc Center buildings, in elevators or bathrooms, in any University vehicle, walking on campus, or at the entrance of any building. The designated smoking areas are 1) located on the side of the Kellogg Conference Hotel behind Ole Jim, 2) the area under the old bridge near Benson Hall Circle, and 3) the sitting area on the side of the Merrill Learning Center facing the Gallaudet Mall. In addition to the University's smoking policy, the Office of Residence Life and Housing prohibits the use of e-cigarettes in the residence halls; individuals who wish to use e-cigarettes should smoke in the designated smoking areas as outlined above.

Gallaudet's policy on smoking can be found at this link: