Graduate Catalog

COU 793 Extended Internship in Mental Health Counseling

This course is a continuation in the series of practica that is major experiential components of the Mental Health Counseling Program. As such, the student's experience will reflect increasing complexity and will build on the skills learned in COU 742 and 792. By the end of this course, students will have advanced their entry-level counseling skills to the point where they include the ability to conduct clinical intake interviews, establish appropriate treatment goals, formulate a clinical rationale for work with clients using a sophisticated structure, apply immediacy skills in counseling sessions, and consistently integrate an accepted ethical decision making model into their work. Counseling skills will be reviewed by supervisors using student self-report, videotaped sessions, and/or live observation. A focus will be on trainees continuing to develop reflectively through the use of supervision.




Prerequisite: COU 792