Graduate Catalog

COU 743 Practicum II in School Counseling

This course is the beginning level of fieldwork experience in the Summers & Online School Counseling program. The intent of this course is to introduce students to the basic roles and duties of a professional school counselor in a K ¿ 12 educational setting for deaf and hard of hearing students. This first fieldwork experience is a minimum of 100 hours for the duration of at least one semester. Students engage in basic school counseling duties including guidance activities, psycho-educational groups, individual counseling, teacher/parent consultation, case conferences, staff meetings, individual student planning, counseling documentation (e.g. progress notes), IEP/ITP planning and implementation, intake interviews and basic behavioral assessments. Students also participate in individual and peer group supervision with the goal of developing reflectively.




Prerequisites: COU 712, 717, 721, 730, 732, and 751


Graduate, Masters, Online