Graduate Catalog

COU 708 Counseling for Wellness and Human Development

Wellness can be defined as a way of life oriented toward optimal health and well-being, in which the individual integrates mind, body, and spirit to experience life more fully. It is both an outcome and a process. Wellness will be considered in the context of human development and transitions across the life span. This course looks at wellness from a counseling perspective and is designed to explore the theories, research, techniques, and activities that enhance well-being in the client and counselor throughout life. The course is grounded in wellness models that integrate a holistic perspective to the overall mental health of individuals, families, and organizations. Attention will be given to addressing client strengths, optimism, happiness, hope, and resiliency, particularly through practices drawn from various cultural traditions. The format of this course is didactic, experiential, and interactive.




Co-requisite: COU 721; or permission of instructor


Graduate, Masters