Graduate Catalog

Dual Degree Graduate Admissions Requirements

Each applicant wishing to pursue two master's degrees at the same time must be admitted to each program through normal application procedures. Such programs are not offered as a matter of general practice, but rather meet the unique needs of specific applicants who wish to receive training in two fields.

Applicants not yet admitted to either program should file two application forms with their application package. In such cases, the desire to pursue a dual degree should not influence either admission decision; however, Graduate Admissions and each of the programs for which the applicant is applying should be informed of the applicant's intent to pursue two degrees.

Students who are already matriculated in one of the programs must also apply to the second program, following normal application procedures. Although supporting documentation from the first application package may be reused at the request of the student, departments may require field-specific recommendations or documentation not contained in the original package. In addition to meeting the ordinary admissions requirements, students who are already enrolled in one of the programs must submit a letter of support from the chair of that department verifying good standing and indicating the willingness of that department to cooperate in the design of a program plan that facilitates the pursuit of the two degrees. Such a letter of support does not guarantee admission to the second program.