Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Ethics


Completing this minor will give students a solid understanding of the principles and methods of ethical evaluation, which will be helpful in their personal and professional decision making.

An ethics minor will complement majors that prepare students for careers in human services or public policy (e.g., social work, education, business, government) and will benefit students who plan go on to law school or to other endeavors which involve wrestling with questions of right and wrong.

A minor in ethics would also benefit students with natural or social science majors. Current trends in scientific education emphasize awareness of the ethical, legal, and social implications of one's work. An ethics minor would demonstrate that one has the training to deal with such matters.


Students who minor in ethics will choose from an array of courses that apply critical thinking skills to issues of right and wrong.

Summary of Requirements

Required philosophy course 3 hours

PHI 257Moral Philosophy


Elective philosophy courses 9 hours

Choose three courses:

PHI 240Applied Ethics


PHI 290Ethics and Health Care


PHI 318Social & Political Philosophy


PHI 320Topics in Ethics


PHI 341Business Ethics


PHI 359Philosophy of Punishment


PHI 450Bioethics and the Deaf Community


Elective religion course 3 hours

REL 201World Religions


REL 355Religion in American Society


With approval of the Philosophy and Religion program coordinator, one course that focuses on ethics/values from another discipline, or one additional philosophy course, may be substituted for one of the elective philosophy or religion courses.