Undergraduate Catalog

Minor in Writing

Admission to the Writing Minor Requirements:

  • A grade of B or better in a writing course;
  • Recommendation from one English instructor;
  • One writing sample;
  • An unofficial transcript; and
  • A statement of interest in the writing minor.

All of these materials are to be given to the major/minor coordinator. Admission to the minor is conditional upon review by the major/minor coordinator. Students who are not approved by the major/minor coordinator may appeal to the department chair. Courses taken to satisfy major requirements in English cannot be counted toward the Writing minor.

To graduate in the program, writing minors must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better in their minor coursework. Writing minors are also expected to demonstrate academic and personal integrity in major coursework and interactions with faculty and peers, as specified in the University's and department's Academic and Personal Integrity Policies. Violations of either will result in probation for the remainder of the student's minor coursework, in addition to other penalties deemed appropriate by the instructor and/or Major/Minor Review Committee. Further violations will result in dismissal from the minor, in addition to other penalties deemed appropriate by the instructor and/or Major/Minor Review Committee. Students may appeal such decisions to the department chair and/or university Academic Integrity Committee.

Summary of Requirements

Required pre-minor course 3 hours

ENG 250Introduction to Public and Professional Writing


Required courses 15 hours

Choose five courses:

ENG 360Writing for Digital Media


ENG 365Writing for Social Media


ENG 370Multimedia Composition


ENG 375Media Literacy


ENG 380Business and Technical Writing


ENG 385Fundamentals of Journalism


ENG 390Theories of Composition and Language Acquisition


ENG 392Introduction to Creative Writing [Topic to be specified]


ENG 460English Grammar for Writers & Future Teachers


ENG 495Special Topics [Topic to be specified]


ENG 499Independent Study


THE 342Introduction to Playwriting



Total Credit Hours: 18

Note: ENG 320 Field Experience (3) or a consortium course (3 credit hours) may substitute for one elective.