Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Withdrawals from the University

Students finding it necessary to withdraw from the University are required to submit a completed withdrawal form, which they can obtain from the Registrar's Office, after meeting with the LOA/WD Specialist. The WD form requires signatures from different offices on campus. A withdrawal becomes official when it has been accepted by the Registrar.

Students can withdraw from the University through the eighth week of classes. A "WD" will appear on the student's official transcript for all courses the student was enrolled in. See the "Refunds After Withdrawal from the University" description in the "Fees and Financial Services" section of this catalog for information on refunds.

After the eighth week students may withdraw with permission of the appropriate dean and with compelling and verifiable reasons. Unauthorized withdrawal from the University can result in the assignment of failing grades ("F") in all courses.

A student receiving failing grades ("F") or a combination of "F" and "WD" in all classes, and has stopped attending all classes during the semester (based on attendance dates provided in their grade reports) will be declared to be unofficially withdrawn. Students who are unofficially withdrawn and wish to be reinstated must apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office. These cases for readmission will be subject to a review by the Faculty Student Affairs committee. Reapplicants have a right to a hearing before Faulty-Senate Affairs Committee if requested by the student. Students wishing to reapply should contact the Registrar's Office.