Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Readmission

Readmission for a Second Undergraduate Degree

Students who have received a degree from Gallaudet may return to pursue a second degree. Students should apply through the Registrar's Office. They should complete an application form and submit it along with a $50 non-refundable application fee. All student debts must be cleared before the application deadline. Students should also submit a letter from the appropriate department chair granting permission to enroll in that major.

To satisfy the requirements for a second baccalaureate degree at Gallaudet University, a student must complete a minimum of 30 additional semester hours after satisfying requirements for the first degree, and he or she must also satisfy the requirements of a major other than the major declared for the first baccalaureate. Grade points earned in the first degree will not apply in determining the scholastic eligibility while a student is enrolled for a second degree. No student, however, will be permitted to complete the second degree under a catalog or supplement issued more than three years prior to the date of completion of the second degree.

Students who obtained a bachelor's degree at an institution other than Gallaudet and want to pursue a second degree, must apply through the Office of UG Admissions.

Readmission After Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from the University without obtaining a leave of absence (LOA), an expired LOA, or were discontinued; and wish to resume studies at the University must apply for readmission. Students applying for readmission can find readmission application materials online, and may contact the Registrar's Office for additional information. An application fee of $50 payable to Gallaudet University must accompany the application. All outstanding debts must be paid in full before applying for readmission.

Readmission After Suspension

Students who are academically suspended due to GPA below 2.0, and who wish to be reinstated must apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office, which includes an appeal to Faculty-Student Affairs Committee. A student readmitted after academic suspension is placed on academic probation and is subject to all requirements and conditions of that status. Former students who were academically dismissed or suspended and who apply for readmission will be placed on academic probation. They will be required to follow academic procedures described under Academic Probation.

Students who are academically suspended due to conditions, and who wish to be reinstated must complete the required conditions prior to applying for readmission. Conditions may be satisfied by taking only the remedial course at Gallaudet as an Undergraduate Special Student, if the student's GPA is 2.0 or above, through the Undergraduate Admissions Office; or by taking a course at another college/university and transferring to Gallaudet. Once the required condition(s) have been met, the student may then apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office. The student must appeal to Faculty-Student Affairs Committee with evidence of completed conditions.

Students who are academically suspended due to conditions, and also have a GPA below 2.0, should contact the Registrar's Office for more information.

Students who have been suspended for disciplinary reasons must write a letter of appeal to the Office of Student Conduct, obtain permission before applying for readmission, and provide evidence that they have met the conditions of the suspension.

Academic Clemency

Undergraduate students who are readmitted to Gallaudet University after a separation of three or more years may request that grades and credits previously earned at Gallaudet University, totaling no more than 18 credits, be removed from the calculation of their cumulative grade point average. These grades and credits will not be counted toward graduation requirements. This request for clemency must be made during the student's first semester following readmission. The student should request this clemency through the Registrar's Office; the Registrar will then seek the approval for such clemency from the appropriate deans. Approval is not automatic or guaranteed.