Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Course Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from individual courses within the first half of the semester, summer session, or non-traditional term in which the course is offered. No students will be allowed to withdraw from a course after the first half of the semester, summer session, or non-traditional term has passed, except for compelling and verifiable circumstances, in which case the student must obtain the permission of the course instructor and the appropriate dean. Students may not withdraw from the same course more than once. This policy does not apply to a student who takes a leave of absence or withdraws from all courses during a semester, summer session, or non-traditional term. Once the withdrawal form is filed with the Registrar's Office, "WD" will appear on the student's official transcript. Withdrawal procedures for undergraduate students taking PST courses are outlined on the Center for Continuing and Online Education website.

Students who request a withdrawal from all classes, resulting in zero (0) credits, must complete a Leave of Absence (LOA) or University Withdrawal form through the Registrar's Office, or will be considered as an "unofficial withdrawal" and will have to apply for readmission if they desire to be reinstated.

If in any circumstances, the student does not fill out an official withdrawal and has failing grades ("Fs") or a combination of "Fs" and "WDs" for all courses and has stopped attending those courses, the student is considered unofficially withdrawn from the University. Students who are unofficially withdrawn and wish to be reinstated must apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office. Forms are available on the Registrar's Office web site at http://www.gallaudet.edu/registrar/forms.