Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Continuous Enrollment

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs must be registered for classes continuously from the time of admission until the completion of all degree requirements. Summer sessions in which there are no program requirements are not included. Students must be enrolled during the semester they complete the requirements of an incomplete course.

The only status options for a student wishing to take no courses during an academic semester are "leave of absence" (LOA) or withdrawal from the university. If the student withdraws from the university, the student must reapply in order to return to the university.

Undergraduate students may register for UCE 499 if they have met the University's criteria for "Continuous Enrollment." Registration for Continuous Enrollment must be completed through the Registrar's Office with an approval signature from the student's major advisor. The fee for a semester of registration with UCE 499 Continuous Enrollment is $100. Staff and faculty who register for Continuous Enrollment are also assessed the $100 fee.

UCE 499 Continuous Enrollment may be taken only once, and earns a student no credit. Students who register for Continuous Enrollment receive a grade of NG (no grade) at the end of the semester. A continuous enrollment status may not be continued for a second consecutive semester, and if requirements for degree award are not satisfied in the approved Continuous Enrollment period, the student will be denied degree(s) and must reapply to complete their program. Failure to enroll in courses in any given semester, including Continuous Enrollment, will result in termination from the University. A student wishing to return later will need to apply for readmission to Gallaudet University.