Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Application for Graduation

Information about commencement ceremonies can be found online at commencement.gallaudet.edu.

Graduation Checklist and Application

Students who expect to complete requirements for an undergraduate degree must file the online application for graduation and submit it to the Registrar's Office. The deadline for filing the graduation application is stated in the University's academic calendar. Seniors who have filed a graduation application online will receive an explanation of procedures for graduation. The Registrar's Office will review the advisement report and note any requirements still outstanding. Students are responsible for meeting with their faculty advisor to review the advisement report and make arrangements to complete any outstanding requirements. The Registrar's Office will notify students of their eligibility or ineligibility to graduate and participate in the graduation ceremony.

Six (6)-Week Grace Period

At the end of the term, undergraduate degree candidates are given six weeks in which all issues/conflicts that are delaying degree conferral must be resolved. Eligible circumstances include incomplete or in-progress grades, course substitutions/waivers and program completion memos, transfer of credit to be posted, and dropping an unmet minor. If the issue is resolved by the end of the six-week deadline, your degree, diploma and transcript will still be issued for the applied official graduation date. Please keep in mind that certain circumstances are not eligible to be resolved during this six-week grace period, for example, incomplete internships.

6 Week Grace Period Date Calculation:

  • May - last day of classes for spring term + 6 weeks
  • Aug - last day of classes for summer term + 6 weeks
  • Dec - last day of classes for fall term + 6 weeks

Graduation Fest

Gallaudet's Graduation Fest is a one-day event for potential graduates to access each area, office, or department to ensure they have made the necessary arrangements to graduate. Included are representatives from the Bookstore, Student Financial Services, Campus Life, the Office of the President, Alumni Office, Career Center, Graduate School, and others. Graduation Fest is usually held in February or March.

Description of Graduate Hooding and Commencement Ceremonies

Graduate Hooding typically occurs the day prior to the Commencement Ceremony. At the Hooding, Graduate students who have met all the requirements are awarded a distinctive hooding to add onto the graduation gown to wear at the Commencement Ceremony.

The Commencement Ceremony usually is on Friday, one week after the final exam week. All eligible Undergraduate or Graduate students will receive notice of their completion during the ceremony.

Participation in Commencement Ceremony

Once the application for graduation has been filed, students who have completed all work toward their degrees are automatically eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students who are eight or fewer credit hours short of completing their degrees will be permitted to participate in the ceremony if they are registered for summer school. Information on the commencement ceremony is sent only to those students who apply for graduation.

Academic Attire

Academic attire is required of all candidates at commencement exercises. Students who choose to order cap and gowns from the Bison Shop (Gallaudet bookstore) must do so during the annual "Graduation Fest" in February/March. Gowns may be picked up through commencement day.

Degree with Distinction

Those students who graduate with a degree GPA of 3.8 or higher shall receive their degrees summa cum laude; for those at 3.6 or above, magna cum laude; and for those at 3.4 or above, cum laude. One-half of the course hours required for graduation (62 credit hours) must be taken at Gallaudet.

The only exception to the 60 credit hour minimum is for first-degree transfer students who have earned 40 - 59 semester hours at Gallaudet; these students will be awarded a degree with the appropriate distinction only if their GPA from Gallaudet and their GPA from all institutions previously attended meet the cumulative GPA requirements stated above.

Transcripts and Diplomas

Students may obtain transcripts of their academic records from the Registrar's Office. There is a $17.25 fee for each official transcript. Transcripts will be released only by signed request. No transcripts will be issued to a student who owes money or who has any outstanding obligation to the University. In compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Gallaudet University will not make copies of transcripts on file from other colleges and universities. Diplomas are issued only once, and any errors must be brought to the attention of the Registrar's Office within 90 days of receipt.