Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Academic Integrity Course Grades

XF Transcript Course Grade Notation for Violations of Academic Integrity

An instructor who determines that the appropriate sanction for a student who has violated academic integrity is a failing grade for the course may record a grade of "XF." For purposes of grade point average calculation, an XF will be treated in the same way as an "F." The XF grade shall be recorded on the student's transcript with the notation "Failure Due to Violation of the University's Academic Integrity Policy". XF grades must be reported to the instructor's department chair. No student who has a grade of XF shall be allowed to participate in any university-sponsored extracurricular activity or organization until the XF is removed. SEBHS or CAS Dean will notify the Registrar, the student's academic advisor(s), all relevant program directors, coaches, and faculty/staff advisors of student organizations regarding a student's XF grade and their ineligibility to participate in extracurricular activities until further notice. The student can appeal the XF grade by following the same procedures described in the Post-Department Student Appeals Process above. After an XF grade has appeared on the student's transcript for twelve months, the student may request to have the XF grade removed. A request to remove the XF grade from the transcript will only be considered by the Academic Integrity Committee if the student has not been found responsible for any other action of academic dishonesty or similar disciplinary offense at Gallaudet University or any other institution. The student's request should include a written explanation of the reason(s) the XF should be removed.

The Academic Integrity Committee is not obligated to approve the student's request. In this instance, the XF grade remains on the student's transcript. If the student repeats the course, and the XF has not been removed by the previous process, both the new grade and XF will appear on the transcript. If the course has not been repeated with a passing grade and the appeal to remove the XF grade is approved, the student's XF course grade converts to an "F" grade. If the student repeats the course, and the XF has been removed, the new course grade replaces the XF.