Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Academic Honors

President's Scholars

Undergraduate students whose cumulative degree grade point averages (GPA) are 3.4 or above for the preceding semesters and who have earned at least 15 degree credits at Gallaudet are recognized as President's Scholars. Students whose overall cumulative GPAs are 3.8 or above are given the distinction of being named Summa Cum Laude Scholars; students whose cumulative GPAs are 3.6 and above are named Magna Cum Laude Scholars; and those with cumulative GPAs of 3.4 or above are named Cum Laude Scholars.

Dean's List

Juniors, seniors, second-degree-seeking students, visiting students whose semester GPAs are 3.5 or above, and freshmen and sophomores whose semester GPAs are 3.25 or above are placed on the Dean's List for that semester, as long as the student did not receive a failing or incomplete grade in any course taken in that semester. A student must have earned at least 12 degree credit hours in a semester to be eligible for the Dean's List. An exception to this rule is made for some majors in education doing student teaching.

Degree with Distinction

Those students who graduate with a degree GPA of 3.8 or higher shall receive their degrees summa cum laude; for those at 3.6 or above, magna cum laude; and for those at 3.4 or above, cum laude. One-half of the course hours required for graduation (60 credit hours) must be taken at Gallaudet.

The only exception to the 60 credit hour minimum is for first-degree transfer students who have earned 40 - 59 semester hours at Gallaudet; these students will be awarded a degree with the appropriate distinction only if their GPA from Gallaudet and their GPA from all institutions previously attended meet the cumulative GPA requirements stated above.

Degree with Honors

Degrees may be given with General University Honors, University Capstone Honors, Departmental Honors, or a combination. General University Honors and Capstone University Honors are awarded to students who have completed courses prescribed by the Honors Program. Departmental Honors are awarded to students who have completed the honors requirements prescribed by a department.