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Communication Access Agreement Form

For Non-Academic Activities

The mission of Gallaudet University is to provide the highest quality in educational services. Gallaudet's bilingual mission supports communication access services being provided for Deaf-Blind, Deaf and hard of hearing students when undertaking academic studies at Gallaudet, on an as needed basis. As quality of campus life experience is an important component in the educational experience at Gallaudet, this agreement form applies to communication access services for non-academic activities, such as student organization activities, athletic activities, and/or public presentations at Gallaudet University for which I may request communication access services. The majority language for communication in academic and public settings is American Sign Language (ASL), and students at Gallaudet are expected to be or become competent in both ASL and English as a part of their educational goals.

Campus activities requests for communication access services (captioning or interpreting) are made to the host entity, as published in any announcements for events.

I understand that I have the right to request communication access services, as I also have corresponding responsibilities. By making a request for communication access services, I agree to the following:

While I have the right to request, and the University will make every reasonable effort to provide access services, I understand that short notice requests and changes in my schedule may result in no services being available.

It is my responsibility to communicate changes in my plan to attend events for which I request services, including absences, cancellations or tardiness to any event for which I request communication access services. I accept this responsibility and will notify via email:

If I have 3 cancellations or absences, my services may be suspended.

  • the host entity of the event
  • If my services are suspended, I must talk with the Dean of Student Affairs to reinstate services.

Please click here for the Student Agreement Form for Non-Academic Settings.

For any questions or concerns regarding this agreement, please contact the following campus resources.

Campus Activities

Gallaudet Interpreting Service

Dean of Student Affairs