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Student Agreement Form for Academic Settings

The mission of Gallaudet University is to provide the highest quality in educational services. Gallaudet's bilingual mission supports communication access services being provided for Deaf-Blind, Deaf and hard of hearing students when undertaking academic studies at Gallaudet, on an as needed basis. The majority language for communication in academic and public settings is American Sign Language (ASL), and students at Gallaudet are expected to be or become competent in both ASL and English as a part of their educational goals.

Classroom requests for communication access services for students not yet fluent in ASL are made to academic advisors (departmental advisors or Academic Advising). Please refer to the Academic Affairs Communication Access Policy for the full text of policies and procedures.

Classroom requests for communication access services for students using Tactile or Close Vision interpreting services are made directly to Gallaudet Interpreting Service (GIS) at For students registered with the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSWD), please also refer to the OSWD website.

I understand that I have the right to request communication access services, as I also have corresponding responsibilities. By making a request for communication access services, I agree

While I have the right to request, and the University will make every reasonable effort to provide access services, I understand that short notice requests and changes in my schedule may result in no services being available.

It is my responsibility to communicate changes in my class schedule, including 1) adding, dropping, or changing any courses and 2) absences or tardiness to class. I accept this responsibility and will notify via email:

  • my academic advisor (departmental advisor or Academic Advising)
  • instructor of the course
  • OSWD (if registered with OSWD)

If I have 3 unexcused absences, my services may be suspended.

  • If my services are at risk of being suspended, I must talk with my academic advisor to ensure that services will continue.
  • If I am registered with OSWD, I must talk with my OSWD counselor to ensure that services will continue.

I understand that I can appeal a decision regarding my access services by following the appeal process by following the chain of command within the academic department or following the process as listed in the A&O Manual.

Please download, sign, and return the Student Communication Access Agreement Form for Academic Settings.

For any questions or concerns regarding this agreement, please contact the following campus resources.