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Ph.D. in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners


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Dr. Christina Yuknis, Program Director

Fowler Hall 409B

The Doctor of Philosophy in Critical Studies in the Education of the Deaf Learner emphasizes critical pedagogy as the foundation for advocacy in the education of deaf individuals. Graduates are prepared to be agents of change in their roles as practitioners, administrators, teacher educators, and researchers through a critical examination of educational, social, and political issues. Our doctoral program provides a balance between a required core program of study and an individualized study in a concentration area in which the student plans a course of study with the guidance of the faculty advisor. In completing the concentration area requirements, the student engages in independent study courses, seminars, and research internships directly applicable to the area of research pursued. To succeed in the doctoral program in education, students must possess a high degree of initiative, self-direction, and commitment to inquiry. Upon completion of all program requirements except the dissertation, students in the doctoral program may apply to be awarded an Education Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree. The Ed.S. degree is typically awarded after two to three academic years of full-time study, and is not a terminal degree. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is awarded upon successful completion of the dissertation requirements.

Admissions Procedures and Requirements

Applicants for the Ph.D. in Critical Studies in the Education of Deaf Learners must complete the application procedures and meet the requirements for graduate study at Gallaudet University. Visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information and a checklist of application requirements. Detailed program information and course descriptions are also available under the 'Overview' and 'Courses' tabs.

First Date for Consideration of Application: As reviewed
Last Date for Completed Application: April 15

Program Specific Requirements

GRE or MAT scores

American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI)

American Sign Language and English fluency

Three Letters of Reference

Interview (on campus preferred)

Prior Educational Background

MA in Field Related to Professional Goals

Prior Professional Qualifications

Minimum of 3 years experience with deaf children and youth (preferred)

Transfer Credit Hours

A maximum of 12 post-master's semester credit hours taken before admission to Gallaudet's Ph.D. program may be transferred to Gallaudet's Ph.D. program on the condition that:

  1. course grades are B or better
  2. courses are relevant to the planned program; and
  3. credits have been earned within five years prior to admission into the doctoral program.
  4. A maximum of 12 additional credits of coursework may be transferred into the Ph.D. program after admission on the condition that: (1) the coursework was pre-planned and pre-approved by the Department of Doctoral Studies Committee, and (2) the sum of all transfer credits applied toward the P.D. core coursework does not exceed 24 credits.

Plan of Study

Core Courses

EDU 805Doctoral Seminar in Scholarly Discourse


EDU 820Proseminar I: Critical Pedagogy in Education


EDU 821Proseminar II: Critical Pedagogy in Education


EDU 860Education Policy & Politics


EDU 885Critical Studies in Language, Culture and Literacy


EDU 889Seminar in Critical Curriculum Studies


Research Courses

EDU 801Principles of Statistics I


EDU 810Advanced Research Design I


EDU 812Qualitative Research Methods


A minimum of one of the following:

EDU 802Principles of Statistics II


EDU 811Advanced Research Design II


An Advanced Qualitative Research course


Concentration Area coursework (21 credits minimum)

Concentration area courses

Dissertation (12 credits minimum)

EDU 900Dissertation Research