Graduate Catalog

American Sign Language and English Bilingual Early Childhood Deaf Education: Birth to 5 Certificate Program


Dr. Laurene Simms, Program Coordinator

Fowler Hall, Room 406

This Graduate certificate program is designed to offer a program of study for in-service and pre-service professionals who work with or are seeking careers working with deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to 5 years old and their families in educational settings.

The 21-credit certificate program is designed to make it possible for full-time professionals to take courses. The program will emphasize advocacy, language planning, pedagogy, assessment, program planning, and theory and practices in ASL/English bilingual early education. In alignment with the Department of Education's mission, the program will emphasize culturally relevant critical pedagogy as a goal for the candidates to become change agents and leaders in advocating for and educating deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

The certificate in ASL/English bilingual early childhood education: birth to 5 program is not intended to lead to licensure and does not lead to licensure in Washington, D.C. Gallaudet University has also determined that the program also does not meet professional licensure requirements in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

Interested applicants for the American Sign Language & English Bilingual Early Childhood Education: Birth to 5 Certificate Program may apply for either graduate or professional studies training (PST) credits. All applicants must complete the application procedures and meet the requirements for graduate study at Gallaudet University. Applicants who are interested in obtaining professional studies (PST) credit should visit the Center for Continuing & Online Education website: Center of Continuing & Online Education and applicants for the graduate certificate program should visit the Graduate Admissions website for more information: Graduate Admissions

The deadline for Consideration of Application for summer admission: April 1st.

The program admission requirements are:

  • B.A. OR B.S. degree
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • ASLPI result of 2 or above and/or multi-measurement artifacts (use of ASL)
  • A bachelor's degree in Deaf Education, Special Education, Counseling, Social Work and/or any related fields
  • License/certificate of teaching (optional)
  • Evidence of successful paid or volunteer work with infants, children, or adolescents and/or families (at least two years)

Plan of Study

Summer 1

EDU 760Foundations of Policy and Legislative on Bilingualism


EDU 761Theoretical Perspectives of ASL/ENG Bilingual Education for 0-5


Fall 1

EDU 762Early Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development of Bilingualism


EDU 767Capstone I


Spring 1

EDU 763Assessment and Individualized Planning in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood


EDU 768Capstone II


Summer 2

EDU 764Applications in ASL/English Bilingual Early Childhood Education for 0-5


EDU 765The Family Collaboration and Partnership: The ASL/ENG Bilingual Lens