Graduate Catalog

Graduate Withdrawals from the University

A graduate student may withdraw from a program and from the university at any time. Withdrawal means terminating enrollment at the University. Students who withdraw from the university and later wish to return will need to apply for readmission through the Graduate School Admissions Office.

A withdrawal becomes official when the Registrar has accepted it. Students will remain responsible for all charges incurred during the semester in which the withdrawal occurs. All charges and refunds are based upon the date on which withdrawal becomes official. These dates are available from the Student Financial Services Office. Grades are dependent upon the last date of class attendance.

To Request a Withdrawal from the University

  • Talk with your advisor.
  • Contact the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School to initiate a University Withdrawal Form and obtain all appropriate signatures, including that of the Financial Aid Office.
  • Keep a copy of the form for your records.
  • Return all borrowed books to the Gallaudet Library.
  • File a change of address form with the Post Office and the Registrar's Office.
  • Contact Residence Life and Housing to start check out procedures and return your room key and I.D. card to the RA within 48 hours of withdrawal.
  • Return your I.D. card to DPS if you live off campus.